BERLIN — Nunhems has introduced a line of four vegetables aimed at meeting foodservice needs for sandwiches.

The Netherlands-based seed producer used the Fruit Logistica expo Feb. 9-11 to debut tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cucumbers that improve efficiency and safety while boasting taste and eye appeal, said Maria Jose Mari Tallada, marketing communications specialist.

Intense tomatoes: Available in round and oval in various sizes, these lose up to 20% less juice when cut or stored, said Daniel Kretzschmar, produce chain manager.

These deep red tomatoes’ juice retention improves shelf life and prevents sandwiches from becoming soggy, Tallada said.

They also maintain shape and internal structure when sliced, she said.

Tallada said a chef preparing the tomatoes at Nunhems booth at Fruit Logistica last year praised their slicing characteristics, which helped lead to their further development for foodservice.

Multileaf lettuce: The lettuce allows a single cut that results in uniform size leaves for sandwiches, Tallada said, which saves time and reduces food safety risks that can increase with making multiple cuts.

It’s available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes and has long shelf life, Tallada said.

Growers in the Salinas, Calif., area have expressed interest in the Multileaf lettuce, she said.

Vaquero and Countach mild onions: Available in red and white varieties, wider rings are adaptable to different sandwich sizes, with a single center that makes cutting easier, Tallada said.

Arnaud and Renoir cucumbers: Drier pulp reduces water loss, improving food safety during sandwich production, she said.

Nunhems vegetables designed with sandwiches in mind

Courtesy Nunhems