Pink Lady apples received a nod —or several dozen nods — at the International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference in Portland, Ore., this spring.

At the annual conference 167 attendees participated in a taste test in which Pink Lady apples beat out golden delicious and granny smith, according to a news release from Yakima, Wash.-based Pink Lady America LLC.

About 60% of the participants voted Pink Lady as their preferred apple, with 21% choosing golden delicious and 19% granny smith, according to the release.

The apples were judged on taste, texture and skin color.

Pink Lady was also the variety most unfamiliar to participants.

According to the release, participants who could quickly identify the other two varieties could not immediately identify Pink Ladys.

Pink Lady, a trademarked cripps pink apple, was the first apple variety to be marketed under a trademarked name, according to the release.