Buy me some peanuts and … bananas?

Reds follow Yankees, Mets with fresh fruit feature

Courtesy Cincinnati Reds

A fresh fruit stand now is one of the food offerings to baseball fans at Cincinnati Reds games at Great American Ball Park.

Fans of the Cincinnati Reds can now join those of the New York Yankees and Mets in including an assortment of fresh fruits among their food choices at ballgames. The Reds and Delaware North Cos. Sportservice, in an effort to provide a healthy complement to traditional ballpark fare, introduced a fresh fruit stand Sept. 15 at Great American Ball Park.

The fruit stand is prominently located just inside the main entrance gates to the ballpark at Crosley Terrace and gives fans a multitude of choices, including fresh apples, oranges, peaches, bananas, pears and nectarines. Packaged items such as fresh fruit cups, apple chips and caramel apples also are available.

Prices start at $1.50.

Earlier this baseball season, the Yankees and Mets debuted similar fruit carts at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, which has two.

“We had learned about it earlier this summer,” said Michael Anderson, public relations manager for the Reds. “Don Dierig, Sportservice’s general manager, had recently traveled out there and raved about it. We pulled the trigger on it, and it’s stunning.”

Anderson said the fruit stand, which carries the brand of Findlay Market, an ages-old downtown urban produce market, had thus far been well received, despite long-held baseball traditions of hot dogs, popcorn and beer.

“It’s been tremendous,” he said. “Families and kids, being able to find a fresh complement to what’s normally offered at ballparks, have especially loved it.”

Anderson said the Reds offered fans a dollar menu earlier this season, and the fruit stand is another family-friendly addition to the park’s food offerings.

“Instead of spending $1.50 for a hot dog, why not grab another $1.50 orange or apple or apple chips?,” Anderson said.

Anderson added that offerings at the fruit stand will depend on seasonality, which this time of year means lots of apples.

The Reds have committed to the fresh fruit stand for all remaining 2009 home games and the entire 2010 season.