The National Restaurant Association continues to fill positions after a restructure earlier this year.

The Washington, D.C.-based association reorganized into four areas under public affairs: jobs and careers, food and healthy living, entrepreneurship and profitability, and sustainability.

Each area will have a director and a policy analyst, said Sue Hensley, senior vice president of communications.

Restaurant association continues with new hires
Restaurant association continues with new hires

David Koenig recently joined the association as director of tax and profitability. Koenig was tax policy director for the American Forest and Paper Association, Washington, D.C. Previously, he was senior tax attorney for Texaco, White Plains, N.Y.

Chris Raymond joined the association as vice president of public affairs. Raymond serves as a primary lobbyist for the association, Hensley said. His experience on Capitol Hill, most recently as chief of staff and legislative director for Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa., should help him in his new role. Raymond also was vice president of government relations for the National Council for Higher Education Loan Programs, Washington, D.C.

Restaurant association continues with new hires

Raymond oversees the association’s Political Action Committee, for which Caitlin Donahue has been hired as director. Donahue comes to the association from the Washington, D.C.-based Business Industry Political Action Committee, where she was executive director of candidate advocacy. Before that, she was manager of political involvement for Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati.

The association has three directors positions to fill, as well as one policy analyst, Hensley said. She said she expects to announce more hirings in June.

The restructure left the association without Donna Garren, former vice president of health and safety regulatory affairs; John Gay, former senior vice president of government affairs and public policy; and Kelly Benedetti, former vice president of state relations.