LAS VEGAS — River Point Farms LLC plans to market cipollini onions for the first time this fall.

The Hermiston, Ore.-based company is growing both organic and conventional cipollini onions in Oregon, and expects to start harvesting by October, said Steffanie Smith, chief executive officer, at the United Fresh Produce Association’s annual convention April 20-23.

“We do a lot of foodservice business, and we think this is an interesting item for them,” Smith said. “And we’re excited about it, because we want to be seen as an innovative company.”

The cipollini onion is an Italian variety, pearl onion sized and flat. River Point Farms’ cipollinis are a red variety, whereas most are white or yellow.

“It’s kind of viewed as an original,” Smith said. “It’s a purpley red color, and it kind of has some characteristics of a shallot.”

The company plans to have a 6-ounce retail pack, and is still working on developing its packaging for both retail and foodservice.

River Point Farms adds cipollini onions