ORLANDO, Fla. — Salinas, Calif.-based River Ranch Fresh Foods LLC showed buyers at Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Summit 2010 its new Heritage Blend salad, a blend of petite green and red lettuces.

River Ranch showcases new salad blend

The variety should start shipping to customers in early December, said Bruce Knobeloch, president of River Ranch.

“It has great texture and great flavor profile and is a significant to alternative spring mix,” he said. “This salad will hold its texture and appearance, while a spring mix will flatten out.”

Knobeloch said the Heritage Blend will be offered in both retail and foodservice packs.

The Heritage Blend salad should yield 30% more servings per 1-pound bag than spring mix, Knobeloch said, and offers three times the amount of vitamin A, two times the amount of vitamin C and six times the amount of iron as spring mix.

He said the River Ranch Heritage Blend has a shelf life of 17 days, compared to a 14-15-day shelf life for spring mix.

“The nutrition aspects of the variety are incredible,” he said.