In an effort to make its salad-heavy restaurant menus even healthier, Conshohocken, Pa.-based Saladworks revamped its entire menu and increased fresh produce ingredient choices.

Salad chain revamps menu, adds veggies

Courtesy Saladworks

Saladworks' 100-plus locations now have more than 50 items in their ingredient list, 25 of which are fresh produce, after an April menu revamp. The Sophie Salad is one of its 14 signature salads.

Avocados, artichokes, edamame and chickpeas are among the new ingredients, which brings the chain’s total topping count to 54 and its fresh topping count, minus meats and cheeses, to 25.

Saladworks operates more than 100 restaurants in 11 states, and has 60 more in the planning stage.

 Salads are now served on a base of romaine/iceberg blend, baby spring mix, fresh spinach or Radiatorre pasta.

The restaurants also serves soups, sandwiches on focaccia bread and wraps, said Erin Salvatore, public relations coordinator. It has 14 signature salads and 3 seasonal salads that rotate on and off the menu, and consumers can request customized salads or sandwiches.

Along with the menu revamp, the company tweaked salad recipes by incorporating leaner meats and fresher ingredients to bring the average calorie count down to 300, Salvatore said.

Saladworks opened its first restaurant in 1986.