Tossed, a salad-specific fast-casual restaurant chain, has upgraded its website, giving customers the ability to design their own salads online, choosing from dozens of ingredients.

Tossed salad chain makes improvements

The site,, features photos of menu items and ways customers can connect with the chain through social networking sites.

The 12-year-old Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based chain redesigned restaurant interiors this spring and updated its brand image, said Eric Clark, chief operating officer.

Tossed is also looking to expand into malls, airports and home delivery via online ordering, he said.

Though the six-store restaurant operation in recent years has opened some locations in suburban areas, the chain, which started on Park Avenue in New York in 1998, has returned to focusing on urban locations, Clark said.

“The growth population is not doing fast food anymore,” Clark said. “They are moving to a healthy lifestyle with lots of healthy items that are great-tasting like great big healthy salads and sandwiches. We want to get our brand and name more densely located where people see it and use it every day.”

Though it used to source its produce through centralized and larger purchasing companies, Tossed reevaluated its purchasing and now buys mostly through local distributors, to better help local businesses, Clark said.

Local distributors supply about 80% of the chain’s menu, he said.

Clark said the restaurant is talking with more people considering becoming franchisees.

Tossed also has locations in Boston, New Jersey, Tennessee, Houston and Arizona.