(July 31) Thanks to Foxy Foods LLC, Salinas, Calif., the organic fresh-cut category is getting wider.

This fall, the company will promote from test-market to regular status a new line of Foxy branded fresh-cut vegetables it first introduced to a few customers in February. Foxy is the brand name Foxy Foods and The Nunes Co. Inc., Salinas, ship under.

Organic salads are staples of the organic fresh-cut category. But Foxy’s four new products — broccoli florets, vegetable medley, broccoli slaw and broccoli/carrots — are the first of their kind, said Nicholas DaCosta, Foxy’s president. The florets and slaw have been the biggest sellers so far.

“We realized that there were opportunities in organic fresh-cut vegetables that we don’t believe have ever been filled,” DaCosta said.

It wasn’t easy getting the line up and running, but it’s been worth it, said John Given, the company’s sales manager.

“It has been a long road to get this going, with certification, lining up suppliers, doing the marketing — it took almost a year before we were ready to ship product,” Given said. “But we’ve noticed such a stronger commitment from retail on organic. We wanted to see if these items were a good fit. Salads have done well. We wanted to take a shot at cut vegetables.”

In the early 1990s Nunes grew and shipped a couple of organic items, but the program didn’t take off.

“We were probably too far ahead of our time,” said Matt Seeley, Nunes’s marketing director. “The timing now appears right.”