Weber, HarvestMark partner for PTI-compliant labelingWeber Marking Systems, a label manufacturer in Arlington Heights, Ill., has become a certified partner of HarvestMark, based in Redwood City, Calif., to help companies comply with the Produce Traceability Initiative.

Weber can preprint labels with all information required for PTI compliance. It uses flexographic, digital and inkjet printing technologies to print labels that will include a company’s HarvestMark code, along with any alphanumeric and barcode data unique to the company.

HarvestMark, provided by Redwood City-based YottaMark, is a traceability service that allows companies to trace items from field to store. Weber comes in as the printing expert that can put HarvestMark technology on a variety of labels.

Weber also manufactures and supplies a line of label printers, production line printer-applicators and on-site label dispensers.