(Dec. 2) NEWARK, Del. — The International Federation for Produce Coding has taken another step toward its goal of a global Price Look-Up numbering system.

After its meeting at the Produce Marketing Association’s convention in New Orleans in October, the group approved more than 140 new global and regional PLU numbers.

The group was planning to make the numbers available on its Web site, www.plucodes.com, by late November.

No numbers were on the site, however, as of Dec. 2.

Once up and running, the site will provide users with access to a database of all approved global and regional PLU numbers.

The IFPC divides the world into four regions: North America; Latin America; Asia/Pacific; and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Under its system, PLU numbers can apply globally, regionally or even by retailer.

The PLU numbers will be held in an accessible database in the U.S. in a working language of English. Because users won’t all speak English, product names also will be referenced to a list of botanical names to avoid confusion.

Also at the meeting, the federation’s board agreed to a set of operating procedures, finished its constitution and began formal coordination with EAN International on implementation of the worldwide standards.

In addition, the federation’s board appointed Jane Proctor of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association as the new chairwoman of the group’s PLU Technical Committee.

The position was previously occupied by Jim Saunt of the Fresh Produce Consortium, London.

For more information, call Pat Morris, PMA’s director of industry technology and secretary general of the IFPC, at (302) 738-7100.