With lettuce and other fresh-cut vegetable processors in mind, Eriez designed its new Xtreme Metal Detector and 7600 Feeder to enhance value for its customers.

Designers of both machines went to painstaking efforts to offer vital features but keeping costs low.

The Xtreme launched Sept. 23-25 at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. The 7600 won’t even reach its first customers until early 2014, company officials said.

“This Xtreme Metal Detector is truly bulletproof,” said John Klinge, metal detection project manager. “It’s designed to hold up to extreme temperature cycles and extreme washdown conditions. It was tested in what would not be considered real-world conditions.”

Klinge emphasized the machine’s user-friendliness and remote support to minimize downtime as Eriez technicians can immediately remote in to any machine and fix it,” he said.

The feeder is designed with one larger drive instead of two smaller vibrators to offer energy savings to its users.

Eriez Xtreme Metal Detector, 7600 Feeder target produce“Our customers have been telling us they want a bigger machine with greater capacity and one larger drive, and we listened to them,” said Rob Yandrick, vibratory/screening product manager.

The Eriez HD7600 should throw product forward more aggressively than the basic 7600, catering to products like lettuce and vegetables, and costs would depend on how much customization is warranted, Yandrick said.