Kwik Lok, Yakima, Wash., has released an update to its 901C printer that allows users to connect the printers to an internal network or to the Internet.

The printer, which was released in August, uses a water-based ink that is heat-set into the plastic closures and allows companies to add logos or traceability information to their packaging.

It can be customized to include the product’s variety and harvest dates as well.

According to Gary Ellington, the hardware to interconnect the printers was already included in the machine, and the company was working out the software before turning on that function.

“Each printer will be able to be hooked to an internal network within the production facility, or to the Internet,” said Gary Ellington, Midwest regional sales manager. “This will allow users to send information to and from the printer.”

“Down the road, this will also give us the ability to diagnose and repair any problems with the printer via the Internet from a remote location,” he said.

At the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit 2012 in October, the company showcased the printer’s ability to print a 2-D bar code that directs customers to a website with recipes or information from the field in which the produce was harvested.

The November upgrade included the 2-D QR bar code generator along with other new network features, according to Ellington.

Additional upgrades are scheduled for early 2013.