As part of a push into the food safety industry that started last year, Mocon Inc., Minneapolis, is promoting its same-day bacterial detection system in food called GreenLight.

Mocon hired Alan Traylor in April to oversee the system as the company’s new business manager of food safety products.

Mocon is an instrumentation manufacturer involved in testing package integrity, shelf life and permeation, according to a release. But last year, it started to expand into food safety with a minority equity interest investment in Luxcel Biosciences Limited, Cork, Ireland, according to the release.

Now the company is promoting its GreenLight system, which features less testing time and labor required for bacterial counts in produce, meat, seafood and dairy.

Traylor, who oversees GreenLight, has previous experience with precision instrumentation, along with marketing and sales.

“Mocon has a long history of working with food companies on a global level to solve package permeation issues. Branching out into food safety products is a natural extension of the company’s core competencies,” Traylor said in the release.