A new suite of products from N2N Global is available, after undergoing extensive pilot testing and enhancements during 2011.

The Quality & Food Safety Manager is already in use at Cherry Central Cooperative, Traverse City, Mich., and the Cheesecake Factory Co., Calabasas Hills, Calif., said Randy Odom, N2N director of sales and marketing.

“We bought the system three years ago and have been working to enhance it,” Odom said,.

The system was developed 15 years ago by a Danish firm for the meat processing industry, he said.

“It allows you to stop managing documentation and start managing your risks.”

Steve Eiseler, vice president of operations at Cherry Central, said one of the best aspects of the system is that they don’t have to shuffle through stacks of paper to compile data and statistics by hand. He said the QFSM system from N2N has allowed the company to create a transparent food supply chain, which enables them to take proactive measures.

“What we couldn’t do before was act quick enough because we didn’t know we had a problem for two days,” Eiseler said.

With N2N’s system, Cherry Central has been able to increase productivity by 50%, Eiseler said.

Using analytics, Cherry Central can now track produce as it moves from the farm to supermarket shelves.

Data collected includes the time fruit is harvested, sorted, sent to a distribution warehouse and finally unloaded and placed on display counters at a grocery store or ingredient buyer location. All of this activity data can now be collected, viewed, aggregated and analyzed in real time.

Workers in fields and packing houses use handheld scanners to collect data for the QFSM system, Odom said.