Minneapolis-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., released earlier this year, boasts what it bills as “the first long-life, washdown metal detector that goes significantly beyond traditional IP-69K ratings (the international standard for high-pressure, high-temperature washdown).”

The company showed off the machine Sept. 23-25 at Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas.

Its projected life is 10 years or more, or about twice as long as a typical metal detector in high-stress environments.

Thermo Fisher’s APEX HD reduces effects from thermal shock and washdown water pressure cracks and leaks in the metal detector aperture liner and resulting water intrusion, metal detecting coil disturbances and instability or faults, according to a company news release.

“HD stands for heavy-duty, and it stands up in cold, harsh environments and is washdown-resistant,” said Toby Hoskins, marketing communications specialist for ThemoFisher.

Thermo Fisher's new metal detector is washdown-friendlyThe company recently announced the opening of Product Assurance Services and Solutions, a product contamination evaluation facility in Sugar Land, Texas, offering rapid response for packaged product evaluation.

“We are here to help customers get answers quickly and accurately so that product recalls are avoided,” explained Carl Palmer, PASS manager, North America. “We have access to the very latest technology and know the ideal operating parameters. If needed, we also can quickly obtain additional equipment to facilitate rapid evaluation of multiple truckload quantities.”

The new location in suburban Houston follows the Barrington, Ill. facility opened in 2010.

Thermo Scientific’s NextGuard C330 is also new — an X-ray product detection system for food.

“Based on Thermo Fisher testing, the NextGuard offers up to 50% better detection sensitivity than Thermo Fisher’s previous value-based X-ray system, the EZx. The system is designed to be reliable, easy-to-install and compact,” according to the release.

For more info, visit www.thermoscientific.com/productinspection.