CHICAGO — Triangle Package Machinery Co., Chicago, at Pack Expo 2012 Oct. 28-31 showed its Triangle XYM bagger with Ultrasonic Welding Technology and its Model XYS08 Continuous Motion Bagger, both of which boast applications for the fresh produce industry.

The XYM bagger, specially designed for leafy produce and other products requiring 100% seal integrity, reduces leaks and uses less film, according to the company.

“If there is a contaminant (such as a stray piece of lettuce partway in and partway out of the sealing area), Ultrasonic pushes the product out of the seal location so you will have a clean seal on your lettuce, etc.,” said Luis Torres, engineering technician for the company.

When a sealing issue like the one Torres mentioned occurs, it causes more energy output in the machine and those feedback results are available to plant personnel so they can then reinspect or reject packages with energy spikes.

Kim Magon, marketing manager, said the average cost is about $300,000.

“For many types of products, Ultrasonic sealing also requires less head space, thanks to its ability to seal through food particles,” according to a news release. “In addition, it significantly reduces leakers and rejects due to product in the seal.”

With fast changeover and speeds up to 150 bags per minute, Model XYS08 is designed to save time and improves productivity for producers of snacks and nuts and fresh-cut produce, according to the company.