Phoenix-based AFS Technologies Inc., a provider of software to the food and beverage industry, recently acquired Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Motek, which specializes in warehouse management systems, and Dallas-based IRM Corporation, a manufacturer of business intelligence tools.

This provides what AFS feels is a comprehensive portfolio of modular solutions for customers in the supply-chain sector.

"AFS has been in business for a long time," said Ed Hopkins, director of sales, warehousing & logistics division, for AFS. "These acquisitions allow us to put together a comprehensive solution for the supply chain. It allows us to better address the needs within the logistics of the supply chain.

"It also helps with food traceability. Now we can tell with every piece of produce, from the time it enters a warehouse to the time it leaves, where exactly that piece of produce has come from and been. With this technology, we're able to scan with equipment in the front door, show where to put inventory, pick orders for shipment and monitor loading and shipping activity."

Beyond the warehouse, AFS offers wireless logistics automation solutions and enhanced electronic data interchange capabilities used to gather and analyze information from across the supply chain.