AgriWise Inc. provided The Giumarra Cos. with its business intelligence software in the past, but wanted to see how the solution worked in terms of traceability.

The San Ramon, Calif.-based company got the answer it was looking for in mid-September when it conducted a pilot program on a load of Giumarra peaches from California trucked from an orchard to a store.

“It worked just as we’d hoped,” said Juan Batista, chief operations officer at AgriWise. “With our business intelligence solution, you collect information, store it and allow the use of it to do analytics and whatever you need to.”

“Giumarra tracks information with AgriWise,” Batista said. “One of the spinoffs is, once you have the information, you can trace it. You can fulfill all the elements of the (Produce Traceability Initiative).”

One of the new twists involved with the pilot program was that the transaction of the peaches occurred through an Internet trading service. iTradeNetwork, an e-commerce platform leader, used the Global Trade Item Number in the shipping notification so that the retailer could use it to view a full history of the product through a private and secure Web portal.

“iTrade managed the order in real time,” Batista said. “They downloaded the traceability number and carried it to the buyer.”

The AgriWise system has been tested on crops grown in the U.S. and Mexico over the past three years and has been used by a number of growers in Europe the past six years. Now that the software has passed the pilot run with flying colors, AgriWise is ready to put its solution out into the marketplace.

“We look forward to talking to more shipper-growers and show how our solution helps their business performance,” Batista said. “Oh, and by the way, we also have full traceability.”