The California Air Resources Board has adopted amendments to the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure to make it easier for some engines to meet new emission standards.

One included amendment changes the in-use performance standards for model year 2003 TRU engines to be less stringent, allowing them to comply with the low-emission TRU in-use standard, instead of the ultra-low-emission standard.

Those engines will still need to meet the more stringent ultra-low-emission standard by 2017.

The amendments also address a manufacturer concern by providing seven years of operational life to flexibility engines installed before the effective date of the amendments. Flexibility engines installed after the amendment will have a shorter operational life.

The board is expected to take up bigger issues involved with the measure later in the year, but passed these amendments earlier to keep them from being held up with matters that could take longer to debate, said Rod Hill, staff air pollution specialist. Details are available at