Arizona is using $105,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency to cut down on pollution produced by trucks hauling produce between Nogales, Mexico, and Nogales, Ariz.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has ordered emissions reduction devices be installed on more than 40 freight trucks as part of a project expected to be completed by July 1, according to a news release.

The department carried out a $145,000 initiative last year that included installing the retrofit devices on 55 short-haul trucks, reducing particulate matter air pollution from diesel emissions by 30%, according to the release.

“Our truck retrofit initiative puts environmental technology to work to clean the air for our border residents while maintaining trade in a vitally important port of entry for the state of Arizona,” department director Benjamin Grumbles said in the release.

Trucking companies that wish to participate in the initiative can contact Jose Rodriguez of the department’s Office of Border Environmental Protection at (520) 628-6952 or