Bland Distribution Services, a provider of cold storage, logistics, packaging and warehousing services, is using air sanitation technology from Atlanta-based KES Science & Technology Inc.

The AiroCide system improves food safety by killing airborne mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses, and removes ethylene gas, according to a KES news release.

Donna, Texas-based Bland distributes fresh fruit and vegetables from its 110,000-square-foot facility to the U.S., Mexico and Central America.

“We are excited to offer to our customers the AiroCide technology throughout the facility, purifying the air by eliminating airborne pathogens, molds and ethylene gas,” Mike Kirby, Bland’s general manager, said in the release.

In addition to AiroCide, Bland’s food safety efforts include participation in the Scientific Certification Systems food safety program, which includes third-party audits that monitor and certify the company’s procedures and practices, according to the release.