Bland Distribution Services has expanded its refrigeration and handling capacities at its Rio Grande Valley consolidation facility.

Bland Distribution Services expands south Texas facility

The recently completed expansion at Bland Distribution Services, a division of Glennville, Ga.-based Bland Farms LLC, has seen the operation expand to 100,000 square feet of refrigerated and dry storage, packing capacity, dock area and office space. Bland Distribution Services increased its cold storage capacity from 40,000 square feet to 70,000 square feet, said Sarah Seebran, marketing manager.

The upgrades have doubled Bland Distribution Services’ controlled temperature zones from four to eight, providing eight separate computerized modern refrigeration control systems. The refrigeration has a 3,100 pallet position capacity. Each area uses Airocide technology as well as an air filtration and anti-ethylene gas system, according to a news release.

Bland expanded its dock doors from five to 11 and has cut loading times from check-in to completion to one hour. The building also has a half-dozen dry docks and leases office space for customers.

“We are most excited about the new refrigerated space for reworking and repacking shipments, which ensures the cold chain for our customers,” Nick Sanchez, Bland Distribution Services’ general manager, said in the release. “This expansion allows BDS to once again grow with their customers and develop new business, as it has been at full capacity since December 2010.”

Beginning operations in November 2008, Bland Distribution Services operates as a cold storage and distribution center for fresh, frozen and dry goods. The company consolidates loads and layer picking shipments, performs reconditioning and repacking and does quality assurance inspections plus other quality services.

Bland Distribution Services is Primus Global Food Safety Initiative certified through PrimusLabs, Santa Maria, Calif., and is organic handling certified. The operation hosts an on site U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection office and monitors food safety through a full-time food safety director. The operation is also monitored by video surveillance.