The Safe Quality Food Institute has certified Prescott, Wash.-based Broetje Orchards compliant with its ethical sourcing module.

The institute developed the ethical sourcing module to verify food suppliers for social and environmental responsibility, according to a news release.

The module encompasses three areas:

  • social accountability;
  • regulatory compliance; and
  • environmental management programs.

Social accountability requirements in the module include practices such as equal opportunity in hiring and employment, wage compliance, worker benefits and occupational health and safety. Regulatory compliance includes monitoring, corrective actions and records.

The institute looks at environmental management programs including energy use, air quality, water consumption, waste management, pollution prevention, land use and biodiversity.

“Although the certification does not capture the full range of nonprofit activities Broetje has developed and supported over the years, the ES certification is one objective measurement of our progress,” Jim Hazen, business manager at Broetje Orchards, said in the release. “Perhaps most importantly, the ES module provides an objective yardstick by which we can measure continuous improvement of our policies and practices.”