Caito Bros. Co., a Cleveland-based produce wholesaler that’s been around since 1935, closed its doors this week, and has already had almost $300,000 in PACA complaints and trust actions filed against it, as of May 5.

The company notified its employees April 30 that it was closing and then moved out of its slot on the Northern Ohio Food Terminal over the weekend, according to a source on the terminal.

The source said he’s heard that Leo Caito, the company’s owner and a co-defendant on the trust action filed May 4, has been calling shippers to let them know the company’s out of business.

Billy Cox, director of public affairs for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service, said the USDA has heard the company has closed its doors but does not have confirmation with the company.

PACA received four informal complaints totaling claims of about $100,000 the week of May 3, Cox said. The trust action, Case No. 1:10-cv-00997-KMO filed May 4 in the USDC Northern District of Ohio, was filed by G.W. Palmer & Co. Inc., Memphis, and Consumers Produce Co. Inc., Pittsburgh, and totals $178,000.

Alston Palmer, president of G.W. Palmer & Co., said he didn’t have any comments on the situation, “except disappointment.”

Cox said the judge issued a temporary restraining order and scheduled a hearing for May 13.

“PACA is reviewing this situation,” Cox said.

Caito Bros. is not related to Indianapolis-based Caito Foods Service Inc. In a letter sent May 6, Caito Foods' chief financial officer, David Cochran, said his company does not buy or sell to Caito Bros. and has no financial dealings or common ownership.