A new transport refrigeration unit from Carrier Transicold cuts out the noise, emissions and fuel that are usually involved in diesel-powered temporary cold storage.

The company, a division of Farmington, Conn.-based Carrier Corp., created the all-electric Vector 5100 for supermarkets and other operations that use refrigerated trailers for on-site storage, according to a news release.

The 5100, which requires a 460-volt power supply, is based on the Vector 6500, a diesel-electric hybrid that can be plugged in while at the loading dock.

“The Vector 5100 unit delivers the same quiet, emissions-free performance as a Vector 6500 unit on electric standby, without the added expense of the power plant,” Mark Fragnito, product manager, said in the release.

“Additional user savings come from running off ‘the grid,’ rather than using a diesel engine to run the refrigeration system. With current models, the operating savings ranges from 40% to 70%, based on the relatively stable cost of electric power and fluctuating price of diesel fuel over the last several years.”

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Carrier introduces all-electric refrigeration unit

Courtesy Carrier Transicold

Carrier Transicold's Vector 5100 reduces the noise and emissions associated with traditional refrigeration systems.