Carrier Transicold, Anaheim, Calif., will begin offering the Purfresh Transport service, beginning in the first quarter of 2010 with containers in shipping lanes originating from Chile and serving ports on the West Coast.

Carrier Transicold, a division of Carrier Corp., which is a business unit of United Technologies Corp., will lease Purfresh Transport to customers on a per-trip basis as part of its SeaCare Solutions program, according to a release from Carrier Transicold. Carrier will undertake the logistics, installation and removal of Purfresh systems on refrigerated containers prior to loading and after unloading at their final destinations.

“With Carrier’s Purfresh Transport service, a strong protective link has been added to the global cold chain,” Luke DiMaggio, Carrier Transicold general manager, said in the release. “The Purfresh Transport system can help assure goods reach their destinations in optimal condition, maximizing our customers’ return on investment.”

By leasing the Purfresh units, Carrier claims it will save its customers the expense of large capital outlays.

Purfresh Transport takes oxygen particles and applies electrical charges creating ozone molecules. The ozone seeks out microorganisms, kills them immediately and then reverts back to oxygen, leaving no residuals, chemical or otherwise. The use of ozone is approved for organic produce by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe for treatment of food.

“Globally, up to 20% of postharvest losses on average occur during transit,” DiMaggio said in the release. “Purfresh technology utilizes ozone to help eliminate bacteria that spoils cargo and profits for growers, exporters, importers and shipping lines.”

The Purfresh Transport model 2100 mounts to refrigeration systems and will be available with Carrier’s PrimeLine, EliteLine and ThinLine refrigeration units, according to the release.