CHEP has opened a 63,000-square-foot facility to test the performance of its pallets.

Testing machinery in the facility simulates distribution and supply chain conditions to measure the wear and tear of pallets over a normal life cycle, according to a news release from the Orlando, Fla.-based company.

CHEP built the facility in an effort to reduce material-handling field trials, and to improve analysis of pallet performance, according to the release.

In addition to a robotic vision system that produces images that allow workers to evaluate pallet damage and durability, the facility also features five impact sleds that mimic forklift-truck contact. A storage and retrieval system simulates various racking configurations, according to the release.

Located minutes away from the company’s headquarters, the facility has about 20 employees.

The facility also will give CHEP customers the ability to make quick comparisons of the performance and durability of CHEP pallets against other pallets, according to the release.

“We look forward to significant advances in the area of shipping platform design and functionality from the facility,” Skip Miller, vice president of quality and customer value, said in the release.