(Feb. 25) TEKLYNX International, Milwaukee, is making its new Tracksoft traceability software available as a complete food traceability solution for small- and medium-sized growers and processors.

Tracksoft was developed in Europe and has been used for more than a year.

“It was developed to conform to the European regulations and it became available in the U.S. on Feb. 13,” said Melissa Utschig, director of marketing communications and distributor relations. “There aren’t any (traceability) regulations here in the states, which is really surprising, while in Europe you have to be able to prove traceability. This is a product that we’ve had some success with and we want to see if it would be of interest here.”

Tracksoft is a production and management tool designed to improve workflow, inventory management and reporting, for a field-to-fork tracking solution and costs about $3,500 for a single work station. It is based on the Windows’ platform and will work with Windows 2000 or Vista, she said.

“It’s really geared for the small- and medium-sized manufacturer and not the big companies because a lot of them already have their compliance tracking,” Utschig said. “When they recalled all the spinach because of the E. coli, with our software they would have known exactly which field that spinach came from and they could have recalled only product from that one field rather than the massive recall.”

She said the software consists of four modules for receiving, production, shipping and tracing. It features user-friendly forms that list all key data required for traceability. It can also identify the specific product to ship first, ensuring maximum freshness.

A free demo can be downloaded from the company Web site at www.teklynx.com and additional information is available at www.teklynx.com/products/data/tracksoft_detail.html.