New navigation hardware from Xata Corp. promises to be the only one of its size on the market that is also rugged enough for truck travel.

The TREQ-M4 color display unit should debut in July.

The hardware was designed by QSI Corp., Salt Lake City.

Company introduces GPS unit with smaller screen
                                                  Courtesy Xata Corp.

The TREQ-M4 unit from Minneapolis-based Xata Corp. comes with a 4.3-inch color display and is designed for use in trucks.

Minneapolis-based Xata delivers software and services that work with the global positioning system-compatible unit.

“Instead of having one product, we have hardware independence,” said Tom Flies, senior vice president of product management. “They can just pick what they want, or they can upgrade if they have an old black-and-white unit.”

The TREQ-M4 supports navigation on a 4.3-inch screen.

It is the second in a line of products that includes the TREQ-L, a larger, more expensive unit.

“This is big news, the format and the price point,” Flies said. “It’s the first specifically designed for trucking in that 4.3-inch format. Everything else is a 7-inch display.”

The device is built to withstand vibration, shock and large temperature ranges, Flies said. Other GPS companies that have products in this size range do not have those qualities, he said.

“Garmin doesn’t do ruggedness, and the software is different,” Flies said. “What Xata provides is truck-specific. It includes routes they can’t go on, or routes that could be hazardous, and how to go different ways.”

The product should be available in July, but the company is still working on its compatibility with its MobileMax software.

Xata’s MobileMax software is targeted for carriers, while its XATANET software is meant for private fleets, Flies said.

The TREQ-M4 should be ready for MobileMax users by September.