(Nov. 30) A new name reflects a broader focus for Livermore, Calif.-based Novazone Inc., which changed its name Nov. 29 to Purfresh Inc.

The company provides ozone-based sanitization and cold storage products, to guard against pathogens, including E. coli and salmonella.

Purfresh is the name of the company’s shipping ozone generator that was released in April. David Cope, president and chief executive officer of Purfresh, said the company got a great response from the brand name.

“Purfresh reflects our incorporation of technologies beyond ozone,” Cope said.

In cold storage for commodities like tomatoes, a small amount of ozone is pumped into a truck or storage facility. The ozone inhibits the production of ethylene in the produce, Cope said, in turn halting or delaying the ripening process. The company’s in-transit products are under the Purfresh Transportation line.

For sterilization, a specially dosed amount of “ozonated” water kills microorganisms on surfaces, packaging materials and the commodities, he said.

The company continues to use the Novazone name to refer to its branded ozone generators.

Beyond ozone, the company offers a software system and a sunshield system, both focused on the pre-harvest period.

“The sunshield is basically a 42 (sun protection factor) sunscreen that filters out harmful light from the sun,” Cope said.

Purfresh’s sunshield system is expected to be formally released in the U.S. by February. It was released in Chile in 2006. Cope said the company is working on three or four new products that he expects to release during the first half of 2008.

Sunshield is made from calcium carbonate crystals. When sprayed on fruits and vegetables, usually through the growers’ sprinkler system, it puts a thin shield on that protects against sunburn, he said.