Damco, the freight-forwarding branch of Copenhagen, Denmark-based Maersk Group, is introducing what it calls a supply chain carbon dashboard, a graphic that allows customers to track carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

The carbon dashboard joins Damco’s portfolio of supply chain services that includes the Supply Chain Health Check and Supply Chain Carbon Check, other solutions that support customers in the quest for improving cost efficiencies and reducing the environmental effect during supply chain activities, according to a news release from Maersk.

Erling Johns Nielsen, head of Damco’s supply chain development team, said in the release that the dashboard enables customers to report carbon emissions periodically, helping in executing their carbon strategy.

“By displaying carbon emissions on a detailed level, for example by transport mode or by product, the carbon dashboard immediately allows you to identifiy carbon hotspots in your supply chain,” Nielsen said in the release. “This will help you reduce your carbon footprint, in response to the growing focus on climate change, while at the same time generating genuine cost savings opportunities.”