(Feb. 10, 12:00 p.m.) Businesses transporting temperature-sensitive goods like fresh produce and wanting to maintain secure, permanent records of their commodities’ temperature history can turn to FlashPDF, a software application DeltaTRAK, Pleasanton, Calif., is unveiling.

DeltaTRAK, a leading manufacturer of cold chain management solutions and portable environmental test equipment, is introducing this PC-based application that writes PDF files automatically from temperature data recorded using any of DeltaTRAK’s FlashLink CT data loggers, including FlashLink CT, FlashLink CTX, FlashLink BioLogger and FlashLink CT -80C Dry Ice models.

FlashPDF files provide statistical and graphed data along with a green or red status indicator. Statistics include temperature alarms, total time above or below temperature limits, degree minutes outside the limits, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and average temperature for that shipment.

“The software is nice because there’s no real operator intervention,” said Leigh Kimmelman, marketing manager at DeltaTRAK. “It automatically generates PDF files and data files. Then, it automatically displays the PDF file and stores it on your computer.

“For any shipper, receiver or transporter who wants to monitor environmental conditions for temperature-sensitive commodities, this is an ideal solution.”