DeltaTRAK Inc. has developed two new data loggers that make use of standard USB connections to retrieve a shipment’s cold chain history.

DeltaTRAK unveils loggers with USB data downloading

Courtesy DeltaTRAK Inc.

Single use FlashLink USB In-Transit Data logger

The two loggers from the Pleasanton, Calif.-based cold chain management company are a single use device and a similar reprogrammable unit, said Frederick Wu, president and chief executive officer.

“The advantage of these loggers is that their data can be downloaded via a standard USB connection to any PC or laptop,” he said. “There is no need for a special adapter required for some loggers on the market.”

The single-use unit, the FlashLink USB In-Transit Data logger, is designed for long haul and export shipments, Wu said. It records temperature history from -40 degrees up to 150 degrees, can be custom programmed at the factory for specific commodities with up to 6 multiple alarm zone time limits and may be purchased in varying logging periods from five days to 75 days, he said.

The FlashLink USB Reusable Data Logger can track a similar temperature spectrum and allows the user to program a variety of functions including logging periods, sampling intervals and high and low alarms.

When a logger’s data are downloaded, the information provides more than a simple graph Wu said.

“By using the DeltaTRAK software that is available from our website at no cost, the user will find analytical data that can help determine whether any temperature shifts might affect shelf life,” he said. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate temperature data monitoring tools possible that can be very quickly and easily downloaded for analysis.”