DeltaTRAK Inc., a Pleasanton, Calif.-based manufacturer of food safety products and cold-chain management equipment, has introduced PrimePro EAP, a new line of shelf life extension products.

PrimePro EAP, or ethylene adsorption packaging, is a porous, breathable plastic that contains a proprietary additive that removes ethylene and slows the ripening of fresh produce, said Frederick Wu, president and chief executive officer.

“PrimePro EAP technology is extremely easy and quick to apply and does not require the extra time and expense of using other modified atmosphere packaging or gas systems,” he said.

The PrimePro material, offered in full pallet covers, carton liners and sheet form, is now ready to be shipped to domestic and international customers, Wu said.

DeltaTRAK unveils new line of ethylene fighting products

Courtesy DeltaTRAK

A shipment of fresh produce using DeltaTRAK's PrimePro EAP pallet covers is ready for loading.