(Dec. 16, 11:23 a.m.) DeltaTRAK Inc., Pleasanton, Calif., is releasing a temperature and humidity chart recorder.

This validated circular chart recorder, model No. 14013, allows users to select recording periods from seven available time spans, ranging from 1.5 hours up to 31 days, according to a news release.

The model records temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and relative humidity from 10% to 90%, with the 6-inch circular charts serving in either single rotation or in continuous mode.

Temperature recordings are marked in red pen, which may also be used to record dew point, and humidity is recorded in blue, allowing for easy reference, according to the release.

An alarm feature provides high and low limits for both temperature and humidity, and sounds an alarm if either go outside acceptable limits.

This system also has a delay timer for these limits before entering alarm mode, limiting false alarms.

Applications include refrigerated storage facilities, warehouses, processing facilities and greenhouses.