(Aug. 12) DALLAS — In the midst of blistering summer temperatures, FreshLoc Technologies Inc. is working to help everyone along the cold chain stay cool.

Its latest device for cold chain temperature monitoring is the patented, wireless Freshsync, which monitors truck temperatures over the road in addition to monitoring and alerting during cooling when preparing for a trip. What’s more, all of the data logged during the trip can be automatically downloaded as the truck reaches its destination.

Doug Foster, president and chief operating officer of FreshLoc, said his company has been trying to develop a device like this for several years.


“We needed an in-transit application,” he said. “We tried a satellite monitor two years ago, but it didn’t work out.”

With the Freshsync logger, the sensor — about the size of a cigarette lighter — is placed on the truck and will monitor temperature and alert a driver or dispatcher or other personnel if anything goes outside the specifications for that truck.

“When the truck rolls, the system automatically logs temperature data for the trip,” Foster said.


An optional feature allows the device to automatically page a given person at the warehouse to let him or her know that the truck is going to arrive. Then, once the truck arrives, the data for the entire trip is downloaded to the receiver automatically.

“It’s fantastic for traceability and accountability,” Foster said.

Foster said reports from the logger are available online and require no manual entry.

The difference with this monitor, he said, is that the device doesn’t need to be removed from the truck in order to download the data.

“Because it uses a common database, information from fixed-base monitoring — a warehouse for example — can be combined to show a picture of the entire cold chain,” Foster said. “For the buyer, it becomes a procurement tool to assess quality conditions of products before they buy.”

For more information, visit FreshLoc online at www.freshloc. com or call (972) 759-0111.