(Nov. 22) SAN DIEGO — Dole Fresh Fruit Co.’s ship has finally come in.

The Westlake Village-based company opened its latest West Coast terminal Nov. 20 in San Diego in a ceremony that was highlighted by the docking of Dole California, one of three ships that will be calling the port home.

In a speech commemorating the event at the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, Dole chairman and chief executive officer David Murdock said that, though the 20-acre facility will be used for bananas and pineapples right now, he expects more products will be brought through the port as Dole continues to expand.

Referring to the ongoing negotiations between union dock workers and port management along the West Coast, Murdock said Dole was looking forward to a long relationship with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, adding that the facility presents plenty of employment opportunities.

Stephen Cushman, chairman of the San Diego’s Board of Port Commissioners, said the facility and ships will add about 40,000 containers a year to the port’s import business.

“It’s great news for the Port of San Diego,” he said.

Dole California and its sister ships, Dole Ecuador and Dole Costa Rica, carry more than 400 refrigerated con-tainers each. The largest Dole-owned ships, Murdock said, carry more than 1,000 containers. Those ships, how-ever, will remain at East Coast ports.

Most of the incoming fruit will be pineapples, bananas and organic bananas grown in Ecuador and Costa Rica. They will be shipped to 11 Western states.

The facility can hold more than 500 refrigerated containers and 270 dry containers. The main building is a 9,400-square-foot facility with 3,400 square feet of office space and 6,000 square feet of maintenance and repair space with six bays.

There is also an adjacent dockside cooler with dedicated cold storage for incoming shipments.