Orlando, Fla.-based Intelligent Global Pooling Systems has entered into an agreement with Dole Fresh Fruit, a subsidiary of Dole Food Co. Inc., Los Angeles, for the fresh-fruit company to begin using iGPS plastic pallets in the shipping of some of its products within North America.

Dole to begin using iGPS pallets

Dole will use iGPS pallets embedded with radio frequency identification tags, according to a release from iGPS.

The switch to iGPS plastic pallets will provide Dole a safer of shipping fresh fruits and vegetables, according to the release. The plastic pallets are nonporous, preventing the absorption of liquids that could contain harmful bacteria. And, the RFID tags provide traceability of shipments throughout the supply chain.

Also, iGPS says its plastic pallets weigh 30% less than wood, meaning less fuel required for transport, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The plastic pallets also are recyclable.

“We are delighted that Dole has elected to begin shipping its products on iGPS’ all-plastic pallets,” Bob Moore, chief executive officer at iGPS, said in the release.

“Dole is one of the world’s great brands, with a known commitment to quality and sustainability, and we are delighted that it has put its trust in us,” he said.

Bil Goldfield, communications manager for Westlake Village, Calif.-based Dole, said the company’s decision to incorporate iGPS pallets into its shipping network reflected its desire to continue to provide customers with added value.

“We see iGPS’ all-plastic pallet as an opportunity to strengthen our supply chain, especially with respect to Dole’s firm commitment to environmental responsibility, food safety and worker protection,” Goldfield said in the release.