(Feb. 9) The Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation terminated Jolifruit Import Export Inc.’s membership for failing to pay $98,000 to a U.S. shipper.

The DRC voided the Montreal-based wholesaler’s membership Feb. 2.

Jolifruit’s failure to pay was a violation of the DRC bylaws and mediation and arbitration rules, according to a news release.

The termination does not alter the obligations of Jolifruit to settle disputes under the DRC rules should another member file a claim.

Jolifruit, which holds a license from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, continues to operate its business, said Fred Webber, vice president of trading and assistance for DRC, Ottawa, Ontario.

Jolifruit, a DRC member since June 2008, cannot reapply until the debt is paid, Webber said.