Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc. is using a system that continuously monitors and reports the temperature, security status and location of its berries on the road.

The Watsonville, Calif.-based company chose the OverSight system from Locus Traxx, Jupiter, Fla., to improve food safety and quality, according to a news release.

Wireless temperature sensors, security sensors — which detect when a door is open — and GPS location modules are placed on refrigerated trailers. The sensors continuously send information from the truck to the OverSight data center.

“Driscoll’s posed a unique challenge for us,” David Benjamin, chief executive officer of Locus Traxx, said in the release. “They wanted to have real-time information on shipments but they don’t own their own trucks. Working with Driscoll’s we developed a fully portable and reusable version of our OverSight system. The portable version can be quickly attached to any truck/trailer combination and provide the same real-time monitoring and reporting as our fixed installations.”

All of the information reported by the sensors can be viewed online through the OverSight DashBoard program, according to the release.