(Sept. 9) LIVERMORE, Calif. — In an effort to ease transactions among its customers, iTradeNetwork has added electronic data interchange connectivity to its services.

Chief executive officer Rob Bonavito said retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies that use EDI services can now route their purchase orders and other EDI-generated data through iTradeNetwork.

“This is something that has been requested by our customers,” Bonavito said. “I think it’s a real breakthrough for the industry.”


In the past, shippers often had to sign up with multiple data transfer providers because their customers often used different systems. Now, Bonavito said, they can go through just one service provider.

“It’s a single point of integration,” he said. “Now shippers can serve EDI customers, as well as other customers.”


Bonavito said the new option will not add cost to the user but that it is just another way to route data through the iTradeNetwork system.

“This capability does not add any additional costs, interfaces or complexities to existing EDI infrastructure,” he said. “It is simply rerouting the documents to the iTN integration server.”

Bonavito said iTN plans to add other options to its service in the future.

“We will continue to pursue an open architecture approach and provide our customers with connectivity to multiple sources,” he said.

For more information, visit iTN online at www.itradenetwork.com.