Consumers are downsizing, and Earthcycle Packaging is downsizing right along with them.

At the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Oct. 2-5 in Anaheim, Calif., the Vancouver, British Columbia-based maker of environmentally-friendly packaging will unveil a new tray designed to hold two zucchini, peppers or cucumbers, said Shannon Boase, the company’s president.

Why two?

“The feedback we’ve had is that given the economy, some are moving away from three-packs toward two-packs,” Boase said.

The 8 ¼-inch by 4 ¼-inch overwrapped tray is a standard in produce packaging, Boase said. Many of Earthcycle’s customers who use Styrofoam versions of the tray told the company they would love to switch to a version made from the palm fiber used in Earthcycle’s other packs.

The new tray should be on retail shelves by mid-October, Boase said.

Earthcycle to unveil two-pack tray at Fresh Summit

Courtesy Earthcycle Packaging