(Feb. 10, 11:35 a.m.) In this day and age of business at a lightning pace, it’s important packers of fresh produce have conveyors that are both fast and flexible for quick and easy change.

With that in mind, Easy Conveyors USA, Tacoma, Wash., a division of Easy Conveyors b.v. in the Netherlands, has come up with a series of modular conveyors capable of labeling and renesting 200 clamshells a minute, enabling high-speed, high-volume packaging for fresh produce.

Easy Conveyors employs modular and highly-flexible infeed and take-away conveyors. The conveyors are of a modular design, which allows them to be easily and quickly reconfigured to accommodate different sizes and shapes of clamshell containers.

Making the system even more desirable, especially for small businesses, is that specifically designed conveyors can simply be ordered online.

“Typically, when a company wants a conveyor system, they contact a material handling company, which prepares a quote for them,” said Dave Kushin, director of media relations for Zebra Communications, Simi Valley, Calif., which handles public relations for Easy Conveyors.

“But unless the order is of good size, conveyor manufacturers tend to have little interest in serving them.

“Many small companies don’t even get a call back after telling what they need,” he said. “Companies with small conveyor requirements can specify their own conveyor online and receive a quote back in a very short time. And they can continue to modify their quote online until it meets their requirements.”