A Dutch-based online produce-trading service has signed a deal with the Chinese government to link Chinese grower-shippers with buyers throughout the world.

eFresh.com, a division of GET Holding NV, Zaandijk, The Netherlands, inked a deal with officials in the Zhangzhou province of China, according to an eFresh.com news release. For two years, 200 produce shippers in the region will sell their products via eFresh’s online platform.

It’s the first time the Chinese government has hired a foreign Web services provider to promote the country’s agricultural products, according to the release.

“I am very impressed with the progress made (in China) with respect to quality and certification of these products,” said Hans Robben, eFresh.com’s chief executive officer.

On eFresh.com, potential buyers get real-time information on volumes, pricing, quality and certification before making their purchase. The company offers its services on a flat-fee membership basis.