(July 3) David Acheson, assistant commissioner of food protection for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is scheduled to present a keynote address at this year’s Pack Expo show.

Acheson is one of three keynote speakers scheduled to appear at the October 15-17 show in Las Vegas, organized by the Packing Machinery Manufacturers Institute, Arlington, Va. His presentation, “Assuring Safety in the Global Food Market: Our Shared Responsibilities,” is scheduled for Oct. 17.

Matt Croson, PMMI vice president of member services, said he was pleased to have a senior-level government official attending this year’s event to talk about the food safety issues that have dominated the news in recent months.

“With all of the headlines concerning spinach, and the contaminated pet food and toothpaste from China, we really appreciate Acheson attending,” he said. “In his address, he will be laying out guidance and sharing how the government is dealing with food safety concerns.”

Given the important role that packaging plays in protecting food products, Croson said, the Pack Expo show is an efficient way for the government to involve hundreds, even thousands, of members of the packing industry in addressing food safety concerns.

“It’s important and good to have the government’s involvement in the conference,” he said. “Food safety is a critical and dominant issue, and we want to maintain a steady flow of information on this topic to attendees.”