Salmonella accounted 37.6% of initial reports about food safety concerns from suppliers from September 2009 to September 2010 according to the Food and Drug Administration's Reportable Food Registry.

FDA says reportable food registry is working

Results from the registry's first report shows listeria monocytogenes was second to salmonell,a accounting for 14.4% of all hazards.

The results of the food safety accounting system, published Jan. 21, found that 229 primary reports were submitted during the year, with 1,872 follow-up reports and 139 amended reports.

Two hazards in particular were notable, the FDA said in a news release:

  • Salmonella in spices and seasonings; raw agricultural produce; animal feed/pet food; and nut and seed products; and
  • Allergens/intolerances in bakery goods; dried fruit and vegetable products; prepared foods; dairy and candy.

The report said the results help the FDA on establishing preventive controls for fruits and vegetables, which the agency is currently undertaking. Those standards will be released this year, according to the FDA. 

The number of primary reports from international suppliers was small, and the FDA plans to boost awareness of the importance of the Reportable Food Registry to foreign suppliers in 2011, according to the news release.

“The data in this report represents an important tool for targeting our inspection resources, bringing high-risk commodities into focus, and driving positive change in industry practices — all of which will better protect the public health,” FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael Taylor said in the release.