(March 3) BEAUMONT, Alberta — Big companies with lots of money to spend have few worries when it comes to purchasing software packages.

But Ivan Sine and Rod Turner realized that not every agricultural company was part of some corporate conglomerate.

That’s why they formed Ag2Networks, a custom software company based in Beaumont. Turner said the idea behind the company was to build custom-designed software packages for small to mid-sized agricultural companies.

“What we’re looking to do is build them a package that meets their needs, rather than them buying one that costs too much and that they can’t customize to their situation,” he said.

Though it was formally established only this year, Turner said Ag2Networks had its beginnings in early 2003, when he and Sine began their working relationship.

Turner had been in the seed business, handling sales, production and development for seed companies. Sine, meanwhile, had his own software company, AgriTrend.

When Ag2Networks was formed, Turner said the software from AgriTrend was rolled into the portfolio of the new company.

“We decided to roll that all under one umbrella, rather than having two companies handle the software,” he said.

Today, Ag2Networks is focusing on two growing trends in software technology. The first, Turner said, is enterprise resource planning.

“We have a base accounting package, and we customize operations software for specific operations,” he said. “Then we combine that into a whole business management package.”

The second area is in lab management systems, which are software packages designed to improve efficiencies in a lab setting.

“We set up systems so that analysts or researchers can input information into the computer right at their work station, rather than write it down and have someone else input it at another station.”

Ag2Networks’ software packages are designed strictly for agricultural companies, including everything from fruit and vegetable growers to agricultural chemical companies to feedlot operators.

“It’s basically the entire agricultural spectrum,” Turner said.

Though it is based in Canada, Turner said Ag2Networks already is working with companies in the U.S. and has had inquiries from as far away as South America.

“Our software could be sent globally as long as we overcome the language barriers,” he said.

For more information, visit Ag2Networks on the Web at www.ag2networks.com.