(Aug. 15) Flat fruit becomes a convenient commodity thanks to new clamshell packaging from E.W. Brandt, Wapato, Wash.

The company developed the Fruitcase clamshell pack that mimics a suitcase and is designed to carry items such as the donut peach and Halo nectarines.

The clear clamshell has a built-in handle and comes in a four-pack or an eight-pack. The packages are stackable, and the design minimizes empty space in and outside the containers when stacked.

Greg Cummins, vice president of sales and marketing for E.W. Brandt, said the company has shipped a half-load of Fruitcases to Singapore this season, and he wants to expand the distribution to the domestic market.

“It takes time to be accepted because it’s such a radical difference (in packaging),” Cummins said.

Allen Brandt, vice president, invented the unique packaging, and Cummins said that everyone who has seen the packages at expos and shows is impressed.

The packing is done in-house at E.W. Brandt, and the Fruitcases help speed up the process, Cummins said. Because the flat fruit is placed in the clamshell, there is no need to place a Price Look-Up number on each individual fruit, speeding up production.

Flat fruit packs eliminate need for separate PLUs
The new Fruitcase from E.W. Brandt, Wapato, Wash.