Fruit Logistica shines a spotlight on 10 products selected as finalists in its Innovation Award competition.

The Innovation Award, now in its fifth year, recognizes new products or services that have had a significant effect on the fruit and vegetable industry.

Attendees to Fruit Logistica will have the opportunity to vote for the top innovation during the first two days of the Berlin trade show, Feb. 3-4. An award ceremony is planned for 2:30 p.m. Feb. 5 in the area between Halls 20/21.

The finalists are:

Pomegranate aril removal tool, by Mehadrin Tnuport Export, Israel

Booth: Hall 1.2, Stand E-04
Web site:

Pomegranates have become popular in recent years but the task of peeling and pitting the pomegranate can be troublesome. The Arils Removal Tool is a simple tool for pitting pomegranates quickly and easily. It was introduced to the market in September.

Bellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli, by Monsanto Vegetable Seeds, Netherlands
Booth Hall 1.2, Stand D-06
Web site:

Bellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli is a new, sweeter type of broccoli with a long, thin stem which can be cooked, steamed or eaten raw as a starter or in salads. Belleverde broccoli is the hand-harvested new shoots that grow after the first broccoli head has been removed.

The product was introduced to the United Kingdom market in July. Product rollouts are planned for Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Carrot Fettuccini, by Aureli Mario, Italy
Booth: Hall 1.1, Stand E-08 / Hall 4.2, Stand D-04
Web site:

Carrot Fettuccini is a fresh-cut carrot product. Selected carrot varieties are shredded into strips 25-30 centimeters long and 0.8-1 centimeter wide. They can be eaten raw as a snack or in a salad, or boiled for a few minutes and seasoned with olive oil or other spices. The company introduced the product was in October.

Dynamic Shipper, by Polymer Logistics, Netherlands
Booth: Hall 3.2, Stand C-13, Hall 4.2 / Stand B-09
Web site:

The Dynamic Shipper is a polypropylene foldable box on wheels with an adjustable elevating floor. The weight of the produce and elastic supports ensure the top layer of produce stays at more or less the same level.

The ergonomic design helps packinghouse staff fill the box safely and more easily, and consumers don’t have to bend to reach the product. The unfolded shipper measures 80 by 60 centimeters wide and 105 centimeters tall and can hold up to 250 kilograms. When folded, the height collapses to 60.5 centimeters.

Easypack Black & Transparent clamshell, by NGP Plastic SA, Greece
Booth: Hall 2.1, Stand D-04
Web site:

This clamshell that can have lids of contrasting colors connected to the base in a single-piece clamshell pack. The use of a contrasting second color means fresh fruit and vegetable products with a strong natural color, such as tomatoes, grapes, cherries and berries, can be presented more attractively and effectively at retail.

The product was launched in January.

Organic bananas, from Fyffes B.V., Netherlands
Booth: Hall 5.2, Stand A-04
Web site:

Fyffes clearly differentiates is organic bananas with a green wax tip on each banana.
Previously, Fyffes organic bananas were identified by a small sticker or the entire bunch was wrapped in foil and labeled. With the wax tip, each individual banana is clearly and securely marked as an organic product, and consumers can safely choose single organic bananas without having to buy a whole pre-packed bunch. The product was launched in September.

Pommonde Potato Taste Concept, by HZPC Holland BV, Netherlands
Booth: Hall 1.2, Stand E-15
Web site:

The Pommonde potato taste concept, launched in November 2008, offers a guide to consumers about the taste of Pommonde-branded potato varieties. Logos and color codes label each variety:

  • Fine: A potato with a creamy structure and a fresh, sweet, buttery flavor; especially suitable for gourmet dishes.
  • Lite: A potato with a light soft structure suitable for dishes with neutral flavors and textures.
  • Bite: A potato with a distinctively firm texture and a full rich flavor.
  • Ripe: A drier potato, suitable for a wide range of culinary applications.

QS 300, from Unitec S.P.A., Italy
Booth: Hall 4.1, Stand A-02 / Hall 10.2, Stand B-05
Web site:
The QS 300 is a portable instrument for monitoring and measuring the internal quality of a wide range of fruit and vegetables, including pipfruit and stone fruit, citrus, kiwifruit and tomatoes, without damaging the produce.

By placing the instrument’s sensor on the surface of the fruit, in can measure the sugar content, consistency of fruit pulp and level of acidity.

The unit allows the rapid and mobile measurement of internal characteristics at any point in the supply chain. The instrument weighs 1.3kilograms and can be operated with only one hand. The product was introduced to the market in October.

Wonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper, Paramount Farms Europe, Belgium
Booth: Hall 23, Stand B-01
Web site:

These are California pistachios with a unique new spicy flavor in a 250-gram bag. The pistachios are not roasted on belts but on dry rotary roasters, which provide an even roasting.
The company introduced this product in March, and plans a 500-gram bag in 2010.

Xsense Perishables Quality Monitoring System. From StePac LA Ltd., Israel
Booth:  Hall 3.2, Stand C-21
Web site:

The Xsense Perishables Quality Monitoring System enables the continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity of fresh produce shipments on an individual pallet basis via the Internet and mobile phone system.

Disposable sensor tags are placed inside a carton in each pallet. Temperature and relative humidity monitoring begins immediately with data relayed to customers via standard mobile phone networks to a secure Internet application.

Data can be viewed on screen via the Internet during every stage of the supply chain. If measurements exceed preset levels at any time, the system can send alerts by text message or e-mail. A GPS transmitter embedded in the system also allows the accurate tracking of shipping movements. The company introduced the system in May.

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